Monday, April 30, 2012

Shape Shifting

I had too much fun over the weekend. Had a Girls Night In party on Friday night. Everyone brought food, and of course I had some of everything.

On Saturday I went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Too much food there.

Sunday I went to a formal Tea Party in Pennsylvania. The sissies brought out the delightful little sandwiches and I had as many as I wanted of each, which was a Lot.

So today, I am feeling bloated. I decided I would eat at most, one meal today, probably Dinner, which will be a salad from my garden, along with a small pasture-raised steak of Filet Mignon. This is what I am accustomed to having for dinner. I am skipping breakfast.

So at work I was reading the day's Database Weekly newsletter, and noticed an article on Fitness for Geeks. One of the things they were talking about is Intermittent Fasting. This is where you eat only within an 8-hour window, and the rest of the day you only consume water, coffee, and tea.

Well. Here we are. This is exactly what I was already doing. I just finished drinking coffee and catnip tea. So now I have a name for this. Intermittent Fasting. I can do this.


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