Thursday, July 05, 2012


I work for a large global telco. You get 3 guesses to figure out which one.

As management, I am a corporate slave. The unions for this corporation have union contracts which expire this year. In response, the so-called corporate leadership has demanded that the managers learn the union jobs. That way, if the union calls a strike, the leadership will deploy us pawns (I mean, us managers) to perform the union jobs. This is supposed to make it more difficult for the union to get what it wants by having a strike.

I have nothing against the union. I believe they will do what they think they must.

I have a HUGE beef against the leadership. They have assigned me to deploy to a place many hundreds of miles from my home. If the union strikes, I am expected to go to this place, AND STAY THERE until the union ratifies a contract with the corporation.

Also I am expected to make this move within 24 hours notice of a strike being called. THIS IS INDEFINITE. They could call a strike on Christmas Eve and I would be expected to go immediately. They could call the strike in a year and I am still expected to go. And to Stay.

The huge disruption to my entire life is of no consequence to this Leadership.

They do not respect their employees. At all.

This place used to be fun to work for. People have told me, You've got it made! because I work for this place.

I do not appreciate being treated like some cog in a wheel. Where do they get off just rearranging my entire life, taking me out of the work I am doing and sticking me into a completely different job, just so they can play games with the union? NOT TO MENTION LEAVING MY HOME, FAMILY, PETS, FRIENDS, EVERYTHING!!!

It seems that as long as I continue to work for them, it amounts to me consenting to be treated this way.


I don't care that there is a worldwide depression going on and jobs are hard to get.


I WILL NOT be treated like this!

According to Them, my options are Obey, or Be Fired.

I am looking very hard at Retirement in the near future, as a result.

I do not appreciate anyone thinking it is OK to pick me up and take me out of My Life, which I have worked very hard to get into a condition that is quite pleasing to me, and stick me somewhere else. I may lose everything I have worked for. I don't understand why they think I will sit still and accept this type of treatment? WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE???

Why don't they play Fair with the union?

Oh yes, I am living in a dreamworld.

I prefer to stay in that place, that dreamworld. I conduct myself with Ethics and Honor. I expect the same from the so-called Leadership of this corporation. They have None. They will not have Me either.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I retired March 1, 2014.

I do not consent to being treated like that.

4:33 PM  

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