Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Syria and Nerve Gas

So here we are on Aug. 27, 2013, and the USA is trying to start a war with Syria. An American war ship is getting into position to make a response on behalf of Mr. Obama to the recent nerve gas incident in Syria.

The USA claims that the Syrian government gassed its own people.

The Syrian government denies any such thing.

France wants to punish the Syrian government for this gassing.

Here's what really happened:

The USA CIA bankrolls the Syrian mercenaries, who are billed in US media as the Rebels. The US media claims this is a civil war going on in Syria. What it really is, is an attempt by the USA to covertly destabilize the Syrian government so they can put in a government more friendly to the USA. The USA has done this type of thing to many countries over the years.

So the mercenaries caused the nerve gas attack on Syrian citizens. They used a nerve gas provided to them by the CIA, of a type that dissipates soon after release, so that there is no evidence for UN investigators to look into.

This whole operation is so blatantly obvious. No news item has told me these things. I figured it out for myself.

If the USA attacks Syria, Iran will get involved on Syria's behalf. The USA knows this and is actually trying to provoke a war with Iran. Why? Because Iran stopped taking Petrodollars for their oil. This is the same reason why the USA invaded Iraq in 2003, although the USA at the time claimed it was because of WMDs that were later proven not to exist, and also due to the lie about Yellow Cake.

The USA thinks its people are stupid and forget these lies. We don't forget.

I am also aware that Israel would like to see this war happen.

I think it's time that Israel fought its own wars. We are out of money for these foreign adventures.

Russia and China are warning the USA to leave Syria alone.

If the USA ignores these warnings and stupidly gets us into this war, It Will Be Bad. For Us.

I hope the USA backs off and contents itself with Woofing at Syria.


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