Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Only Way Out is In

In today's world, it feels like They are out to get you.

The air is polluted; there are plastic particles in the air, in the drinking water, in the food, in the animals, in the ground, in the fish.

The pharmaceutical companies want to push their toxic drugs on everyone. Their drugs produce side effects that make you sicker than the condition for which you took the drug in the first place. This leads you to take more drugs to counter the first drug's side effects, but what happens is the side-effect-fixing drugs have their own side effects.

The food you buy in the store and at restaurants is contaminated with GMO's. Most food is made from wheat, which if you read "Wheat Belly Total Health" by Dr. William Davis, you will see how toxic wheat is. Most food contains refined white sugar, which is actually a toxic drug. Artificially sweetened foods often contain aspartame - aspartame will rot your brain - and bring on dementia. You can buy organic, but you have to read the label and make sure you're not buying harmful ingredients.

Google is tracking everything you do and say online and selling your data. Facebook is also tracking everything you do and say, both on the Facebook website and on all the websites that allow you to sign in to your Facebook account to share or to comment; and selling your data.

Television exists to push commercials at you to get you to buy stuff. The more you sit and watch TV, the dumber you get. They say Sitting is the new Smoking and leads to obesity. (As I type this I am standing at my Standing Desk.)

Nuclear power uses more energy to generate electricity than it produces. And it produces toxic nuclear waste that humans have not yet figured out how to dispose of. When nuclear power plants go bad, it poisons the entire plant, see: Chernobyl and Fukushima.

The oceans are being poisoned with plastic pollution and radioactive water. The fish are dying. The birds are dying. The bees are dying.

Conventional agriculture uses neonicotinoid pesticides that kill bees. They use Roundup to suppress weeds, but weeds evolve and now Roundup doesn't work on them. So Monsanto breeds genetically modified food such as corn which puts out its own pesticides. Unfortunately the genes in the GMO foods pass from the food into you and your body gets changed. People start producing pesticides in their own guts due to eating such GMO corn.

I could go on and on and on with the things that are going wrong with the world.

I have observed these things for years and there is only one solution, on the individual level. You cannot escape what is being done to the planet, what is being done to you.

You will have to turn your back on the whole thing and turn inward. Develop your own mind, learn spiritual skills. Learn to meditate. Learn astral projection. Learn to control your dreams. Learn to see auras. Learn Reiki, or magick, or practice energy work.

You will definitely, or probably, die someday. That's when you move on to what's next. Be ready for it by studying the mental and spiritual skills now.

This is the only way out of the trap being set for all and each of us on this planet.

The only way out is IN.

Start the inward journey today, and keep at it every day.

It's your life. TAKE IT BACK.


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