Monday, June 26, 2006

Why Republicans are Losers in Union County

I went to the Republican County Committee meeting on Tuesday June 13. It was too hot to wear my rifle club jacket, so I wore my Camp Crucible t-shirt instead. It has a skull and crossbones on it. Nobody seemed to have noticed though.

I observed political hardball at the meeting. They were electing the Chairman of the County Committee and opened the floor for nominations. The incumbent got nominated and they promptly started to close nominations, but somebody else spoke up and nominated a guy from Elizabeth. So then they took a vote. But before the vote, they did NOT allow the nominees to address the crowd. Consequently, I had no idea what either of them stood for. I asked one of the guys from my city about the nominees and he told me the incumbent was a good guy, had attended Plainfield meetings a bunch of times and took an active interest, so, I voted for him. Wondered how come no speeches at all.

After the votes were tallied up, they announced that the incumbent won, 150-56 or something like that.

THEN the second nominee stood up and started talking. He was out of order, so the Chair was telling him to stop talking. He ignored that and kept talking. He was mad that he had not been allowed to speak prior to the vote. Some people asked him how come he didn't move to speak Prior to the vote? He ignored that too. He made his points; then all 50± of his group got up and dramatically walked out of the meeting.

So then things settled down and the meeting continued.

After the meeting, I talked to George Gore, also a Plainfield guy, and he explained to me what happened. He said the second nominee had an agenda; that the Chair of the meeting knew that; that the Chair had deliberately not allowed the second nominee to speak, because he did not want us to Think about what the guy would say.
So I asked George what was it the guy was going to say??

He explained:

  1. in Union County, registered voters are 57% urban and 43% suburban.

  2. What is the urban agenda? - we have none.

  3. The second nominee was from Elizabeth; that's urban.

  4. He wanted to challenge the sitting Chair with considering an urban agenda.

  5. For whatever reason, the Chair did not want to do that and did not want us thinking about it.

Now this is me thinking:

This all strikes me as pretty dumb - Republicans are the losers in Union County; if they want to win, they ought to have an urban agenda of Some kind!

Thus, they are following a recipe for losing.

So... since they knew what the second nominee wanted to discuss, and suppressed any attempt at discussing it, is it possible that they deliberately want to lose?

Seems like a crazy idea.

Could the Republican County chair have been paid off by the Democrats in charge of elected offices in the County?

But the Chair talked about all the corruption and waste being done by the incumbent Democrats and how he wants to put a stop to it.

Makes ya wonder.