Friday, July 20, 2012

More BullSh*t From On High

What I think of the Dark Knight shooting in Aurora:

I agree with those who think the shooter had an accomplice inside the theater.

How else would he have been able to come in through an emergency exit.
How else would he have been able to time his entrance to match the similar scene in the movie.

Very suspicious: I read a report that said the police found the shooter in the theater parking lot. He did not resist arrest.

That sounds a little too easy.

He Wanted to get caught.

Was this some ridiculous cry for attention?

Why did his mother immediately tell the police "You have the right person"? What mother does that?

Then we have the Obama angle. He is flying flags at halfmast nationwide. This is a local crime in Colorado, why is he treating it as a national crisis? Answer: He hopes to profit from it and use it to help get himself re-elected. The wording of his initial speech raised red flags for me.

Whereas, Romney's initial comments were simply condolences for those who suffered losses. His comments raised no red flags.

I don't like either candidate and won't vote for either.

This whole incident has a Bogus feel to it. I suspect it is a Black Op by some arm of the federal government. This guy James Holmes is being used by whoever planned it.

This is what my nose tells me. My own opinion, not someone else's.

Very creepy that he did in "real life" what was happening in the movie at the same time. I don't honestly think it's a publicity stunt for the movie. I think it was planned by an inspired sicko. I believe politicians want to use the incident as an excuse to take away the right to bear arms. But as I noticed in someone's comment, if people in the audience had been carrying weapons, they could have stopped this guy.

Holmes was never in the military. Had legally purchased the weapons he used. Has a Bachelor degree in Neuroscience, was considered a "nice guy" by a neighbor, and was having trouble finding a job.

Suspicious quote in the story I am reading:

“We are confident he acted alone,” Oates said. The motive is unclear.

How can they be confident he acted alone? It happened last night. They can't be sure of anything at this point. Why tell us this shit?
Answer: They are covering up the involvement of the accomplice, and they are covering up for those who planned the whole thing.

My prime suspect for someone involved in the coverup:

Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates

I see they are also making a case against bullying. Several quotes in these stories say Holmes had been bullied or picked on in school.


Shit, when I was in fourth grade, I was called Whitehead, Pimplehead, etc., and I also remember being called Fat. which I wasn't.
That doesn't make me a psycho killer.
And I am pretty sure LOTS of other people have been bullied/picked on, similarly or much worse. Everybody goes through this! or so I think.

Holmes has a clean record. Til this.

Another reason this incident may have happened: Serve as a distraction from the tough news that keeps coming out. Economic meltdowns. Nuclear plants going bad (Fukushima; San Onofre). The depression. No jobs.
Keep the populace distracted so they don't focus on these issues.
Works every time.

Tracking who is involved:

"The Aurora police department is leading the investigation, with assistance from agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said FBI special agent Darrell Foxworth.

The U.S. Attorney’s office in Colorado is coordinating the federal law enforcement response and working closely with the state District Attorney’s office with respect to any federal, state, or local charges that might be applicable, according to Foxworth.

San Diego police Lt. Andra Brown said officers are at the home only to provide with security."


"Arlene Holmes of San Diego told ABC News that her son is the man accused in this morning's massacre in Aurora, Colo., nine miles outside Denver."

How does his mother know this? Did she have prior knowledge?

"Around daybreak, San Diego police officers were spotted in and outside of Holmes' residence in the Rancho Penasquitos area as media crews started to gather outside with video cameras. Police Chief William Lansdowne said the officers were there to provide security to the Holmes family and to assist Aurora police by gathering information for that agency's investigation."

All this security around Holmes' family... it raises another red flag for me.

"Shortly before 7:30 a.m., police were spotted escorting a man out of the home and whisking him away in an unmarked police sedan. There was no immediate word on where the man was headed or his possible relation to the alleged shooter, but he was carrying what appeared to be luggage."

Now the above paragraph REALLY raises my suspicions. It reminds me of 9-11, when Bushwhack shut down all the airlines for a week, BUT let one plane fly out Osama Bin Laden's family.

Perhaps the man was Holmes' handler/hypnotizer.

OK here is more on that man,

"On Friday morning, police escorted the suspect's father, a manager of a software company, from their San Diego home. The mother, a nurse, stayed inside, receiving family visitors who came to offer support. The suspect also has a younger sister."


Hmm. REading how other theaters are reacting to this, it begins to feel like the freedom to go to the movies is being eliminated. Wonder if they will use this incident as an excuse to install metal detectors, scanners, police presence at movie theaters?
That would be Nutz.
Maybe they will have some cops at theaters for a while but I would expect (IN A SANE WORLD - I no longer live in a sane world) that it would die down after a while.
Going to the movies is an industry that is dying. They are having trouble competing with Video On Demand, NetFlix, cable TV. Their admission prices are too high. They depend on the few Blockbuster movies, such as this Batman movie, that brings in a lot of people. They make their profits on the popcorn and soda and candy crap that they sell, not really on the movie tickets.
An incident of this nature would tend to frighten away their small remaining audience.
So maybe this is not another turn of the screw?
I dunno.
This world has not made sense to me for the last 11 years.

"The attack appears to have been planned well in advance, a law enforcement source told CBS News.

Police said his car was parked in the rear of the theater and that the suspect entered and exited the theater through an emergency door. There is also evidence that he may have done surveillance of the theater before the shooting, the source said."


"The Aurora police chief is no stranger to handling these sorts of situations. Before moving to Colorado, Oates spent more than two decades in the NYPD where he also served as the commanding officer of the NYPD’s Intelligence Division."

In conjunction with the above, the current NYPD police chief states that Holmes considered himself the "Joker" and had dyed his hair red for this attack. Both police chiefs are buddies.

Here we have an asshole trying to push his gun-ban agenda:

"On his weekly WOR Radio appearance, Mayor Michael Bloomberg also spoke out about the shooting. He called on Obama and Romney to respond to by detailing their plans to improve gun control."


Thursday, July 05, 2012


I work for a large global telco. You get 3 guesses to figure out which one.

As management, I am a corporate slave. The unions for this corporation have union contracts which expire this year. In response, the so-called corporate leadership has demanded that the managers learn the union jobs. That way, if the union calls a strike, the leadership will deploy us pawns (I mean, us managers) to perform the union jobs. This is supposed to make it more difficult for the union to get what it wants by having a strike.

I have nothing against the union. I believe they will do what they think they must.

I have a HUGE beef against the leadership. They have assigned me to deploy to a place many hundreds of miles from my home. If the union strikes, I am expected to go to this place, AND STAY THERE until the union ratifies a contract with the corporation.

Also I am expected to make this move within 24 hours notice of a strike being called. THIS IS INDEFINITE. They could call a strike on Christmas Eve and I would be expected to go immediately. They could call the strike in a year and I am still expected to go. And to Stay.

The huge disruption to my entire life is of no consequence to this Leadership.

They do not respect their employees. At all.

This place used to be fun to work for. People have told me, You've got it made! because I work for this place.

I do not appreciate being treated like some cog in a wheel. Where do they get off just rearranging my entire life, taking me out of the work I am doing and sticking me into a completely different job, just so they can play games with the union? NOT TO MENTION LEAVING MY HOME, FAMILY, PETS, FRIENDS, EVERYTHING!!!

It seems that as long as I continue to work for them, it amounts to me consenting to be treated this way.


I don't care that there is a worldwide depression going on and jobs are hard to get.


I WILL NOT be treated like this!

According to Them, my options are Obey, or Be Fired.

I am looking very hard at Retirement in the near future, as a result.

I do not appreciate anyone thinking it is OK to pick me up and take me out of My Life, which I have worked very hard to get into a condition that is quite pleasing to me, and stick me somewhere else. I may lose everything I have worked for. I don't understand why they think I will sit still and accept this type of treatment? WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE???

Why don't they play Fair with the union?

Oh yes, I am living in a dreamworld.

I prefer to stay in that place, that dreamworld. I conduct myself with Ethics and Honor. I expect the same from the so-called Leadership of this corporation. They have None. They will not have Me either.