Saturday, April 07, 2007

How Nancy Pelosi Saved the World

I've been watching the news the last few weeks. I noticed the piece about the Russian general who said that the Bushwhack was going to drop nukes on Iran on Good Friday about 4 AM. This had me so freaked out that I had difficulty going to work and acting like nothing is going to happen.

Then there was the Iranian hostages thing, where the Iranians captured the British sailors and held them for a couple weeks, treating them well (not at all the way that Americans treat Iraqi captives), and then releasing them a couple days prior to Good Friday.

Interesting timing!

But THEN, during this Good Friday week, Nancy Pelosi got up and went off to the Middle East. She was trying to open up diplomatic channels between Syria and Israel. On Thursday or Friday I was at lunch at work watching CNN in the cafeteria and the news report sounded like peace was threatening to break out in the Middle East, due to her efforts.

Meanwhile back home, Cheney and Bushwhack criticized Pelosi savagely in the press, calling her Foolish, and her efforts Illegal.

Here I am the day after Good Friday.

No attack happened.

It just occurred to me that the real reason she went to the Middle East, was that there is no way Bushwhack was going to start a Nuclear War on Iran while the Speaker of the House was over there.

She made herself a human shield.

She didn't mention this to anyone.

But that's the effect.


I had thought she was just another Israel ass-kissing whore politician, but what she actually did was stop the next war!!!!